Our Bongo Classico, our smallest & cutest vehicle is for up to three passengers and 70-80 km of good fun. Great for shuttle services, weddings, special occasions, tourism & mobile marketing. This agile and friendly vehicle is easy to drive for everybody. It manoeuvres easily through traffic but still gives you an exciting and swift ride. As with all of our vehicles, it draws a lot of attention thanks to its looks. 

​The Bongo Vendo is making ultimate use of the attraction it has to people, due to its friendly nature, by selling straight out of the vehicle. We can support you to make the vehicle in to either a convenient ice cream vending machine or a deluxe espresso bar and everything in between. Work in places you have never imagined: our electric Vendo allows you to sell indoors at remote places where you sell your products on your battery’s energy!

The Bongo Cargo provides an efficient way of transporting and/or marketing your products including a mobile food and
coffee delivery service...

Bongo! Transit Pty. Ltd. is the exclusive Australasian Distributor of all products designed, protected, and produced  by the Tuk Tuk Factory Holland to AUS and EU Standards.

• Bongo! E-Limo • Bongo! Classico • Bongo! Vendo • Bongo! Cargo

Our Bongo Limo is a real smooth cruiser, great for VIP transport. This vehicle lets you create a party for up to 6 passengers, unique for an electric vehicle! It is the ultimate vehicle for recreation, public transport, shuttle services, city centre tours, beach sides, campings, hotels, natural reserves, holiday parks. weddings, special occasions etc. And the Limo offers massive space for advertisements. This makes this vehicle a true money making machine.